2022 6th International Conference on Hydrodynamics, Energy and Electric Power System
Keynote Speakers


Prof. Abdul Hasib Chowdhury

Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology, Bangladeshi

Research Area: Power system planning, reliability, optimization, stability

Introduction: Dr. Abdul Hasib Chowdhury has 25 years of experience in power system reserach. His research interests include power system planning, stability, reliability analysis, contingency and security analysis, vulnerability analysis, power quality analysis etc. He has carried out extensive studies on Bangladesh Power System (BPS), and developed under-frequency load shedding and islanding scheme for BPS. He has first-hand experience accomplishing important national projects in Bangladesh power sector including: “Grid Failure Investigation Project”; “Electromagnetic transients and stability studies to identify the root cause of blackout in the Bangladesh power system”; “Reliability analysis of a major transmission corridor”; “Impact studies of different power plants on Bangladesh power system”; “Energy Efficiency and Integration of Renewable Energy into the Grid in Bangladesh”; “Gid Integration Strategy for Solar PV in Bangladesh,” “Study on Grid Stability in Bangladesh.” His works also include policy, rules, and regulations pertaining to Bangladesh power system.

Speech Title: Improving frequency resilience of power systems through dynamic-adaptive load shedding 


Prof. Chuanchang Li

Changsha University of Science & Technology, China

Research Area: Energy storage (heat, cold, electricity) technology and its key materials, vanadium liquid flow battery energy storage system, solar thermal utilization, etc.

Introduction: Chuanchang Li , male, born in 1983, is a member of the Communist Party of China, doctor, professor, doctoral supervisor, winner of the Youth Science and Technology Award of the Chinese Society of Power Engineering, "Hunan Young Talent" of Hunan Province, "Young Backbone Teacher of General Universities" of Hunan Province, "Outstanding Innovative Youth" of Changsha City, "Hunan Scholar" of Changsha University of Technology. He is also a "Outstanding Innovative Youth" of Changsha City and a "Hunan Scholar" of Changsha University of Technology. He has presided over two projects of the National Natural Science Foundation of China and eight projects of provincial and ministerial level, including the Hunan Provincial Self-Science Foundation. He has published more than 50 papers in Energy Convers. Manage., Energy, Renew. Energy, J. Energy Storage, Journal of Silicate and other authoritative journals at home and abroad, including more than 40 SCI papers and 13 authorized invention patents. He was awarded one Youth Science and Technology Award of the Chinese Society of Power Engineering, one First Prize of Provincial and Ministerial Level Technical Invention, one Second Prize of Provincial and Ministerial Level Scientific and Technological Progress, and one Third Prize of Provincial Scientific and Technological Progress. He has edited four textbooks including "Energy Storage Principles and Technology" and "Introduction to New Energy Science and Engineering" and is the deputy editor-in-chief of one textbook. He is also a member of the Youth Working Committee of the Chinese Society of Power Engineering, a professional member of the International Solar Energy Society, an industrial science and technology commissioner in Changsha, a representative of the Changsha Association for Science and Technology and an expert in decision-making and consultation. 

Speech Title: Emerging composite phase change materials for thermal and cold energy storage


Prof. Zong Zhi

Dalian University of Technology, China

Research Area: Fluid Mechanics, Hydrodynamics, Nonlinear water waves and wave-structure interaction, High performance ships, Underwater explosion, Vortex-induced-vibration

Introduction: He is professor of School of Shipbuilding Eng., Dalian University of Technology, China. He published 113 Journal papers indexed by SCI_Core and 5 Monographs.

Speech TitleConfiguration Hydrodynamics of Trimaran ships


Assoc prof. Pengcheng Lin

Guangdong University of Technology, China

Research Area: Advanced energy materials

Introduction: Dr. Pengcheng Lin is an associate professor in Guangdong Provincial Key Laboratory on Functional Soft Condensed Matter (Guangdong University of Technology). He received his PhD degree in polymer chemistry and physics from Northeastern University in 2016. He worked as a visiting scholar in City University of Hong Kong from 2018 to 2019. his research interests focus on advanced energy materials.

Speech Title: Phase change gel: from organic to inorganic, from foundation to application